Super Sunset!

If you were around on Twitter last week, you may have seen me mention how I went down a huge 70s rock rabbit hole and was inspired to share some sweet summer 70s sounds. It turned out to be harder than I thought and I ended up with about fifty songs—way too many for a playlist. I decided to whittle it down to a mostly rock set and left punk and disco for another day.

Why the 70s? I have to confess—I hated 70s music for awhile. I saw it as over and done—even though 70s rock absolutely influenced me musically and sparked my interest in playing guitar. However, in revisiting the decade I realized that I’d forgotten just how diverse this era was—and especially how well everything was recorded.

For me, the 70s evoke long days at the beach, soft colored photos, sunsets, rainbow stuff, tan lines, popsicles, sea soaked hair, kids playing in sprinklers, balloon tire bikes, skateboards, short-shorts, bearded guys and mostly shit on TV—oh wait—what era are we talking about?

So grab your favorite toxic substance (Grape Soda for me tonight!) and come take a trip with me—into the 70s…


LA Woman — The Doors
Sweet Emotion — Aerosmith
Wish You Were Here — Pink Floyd
Over The Hills And Far Away — Led Zeppelin
Take The Money And Run — Steve Miller Band
Lola — The Kinks
Party Doll — Bryan Ferry
Heroes/Helden — David Bowie (German version)
Fat Bottomed Girls — Queen
Smokin’ — Boston
Gold Dust Woman — Fleetwood Mac
The Joker — Steve Miller Band
Redondo Beach — Patti Smith
Equal Rights — Peter Tosh
Don’t Worry About The Government — Talking Heads
Jump Into The Fire — Harry  Nilsson
(The First LP my parents bought me—mini me rocked out some mad air guitar to this shit.)
Show Me The Way (LIVE) — Peter Frampton
Home At Last — Steely Dan

Thanks for reading/listening. I hope you’re having a sweet summer!