Hello and welcome to RealityTC.com! I’m so glad you’re here to explore!

My name is Tara Cole and I’ve been blogging as RealityTC since 2003. You can read my bio and other tidbits about me here. I created this blog to continue my mission to help others find their authentic voice and connect with other creative people. If you consider yourself a creative at heart and like a no BS point of view, you’re in the right place. I’m here to support you on your journey! Or maybe you just love the same music as I do! That’s totally cool too!

The site covers four areas:


In this section, you’ll find album and live show reviews. I also talk about my history with music and how music has shaped my world. As a musician, I am always thinking of the artist and my critiques come from my own experiences writing, recording and performing. I am here to share the joy of the music and the live show experience, not to cut down another artist’s work for the sake of printing a review. There is something magical about a live show that brings people together and I’ll never grow tired of that experience!


Art is many things to many people but I’m using the term in an arts and entertainment context here. In this section I will talk not just about fine art and artists, but also the arts in general—including bits on fashion, books, film, television, photography, craft and photo stories.


In this section I’ll be posting my personal life tips, including all the bits of super sage wisdom I’ve learned from years of blogging, deep meditation personal panic—and just plain getting older. You’ll find topics about health, relationships, self-improvement and an occasional tutorial. Maybe I can save you some personal grief!

And lastly,

Shop Talk

Being self-employed since 1996 has taught me a lot about building a business and being the worst client I have ever worked with. If you’re a fellow blogger, artist or sole proprietor trying to earn a living, this section might be of interest to you. I’ll be covering everything from social media to web site hacks and I’ll try to break it down so you leave with a checklist.

I won’t promise you perfect prose—I break rules and occasionally make up words that aren’t in the dictionary. But I will promise that whatever I bring you will be from the heart. I hope to have some fun, inspire, entertain and ultimately win you over as a reader. If you enjoy this site, consider supporting it by buying something from the shop! Often the designs are connected to a blog post and new items are added all the time!

Happy reading/listening!