Mid-Life Is So Weird

S1 Ep1 Show Notes

New RealityTC Videos!

I’m pretty excited to share the intro video for my brand spankin’ new YouTube series, Dog Mom Out (above). Join me as I document my journey as a GenX creative woman making my way through midlife. I’ll be talking candidly about all the things I wish women would discuss more often—hormones, depression, insomnia, body changes, reinvention, career changes and more.

You’ll also find product reviews, the occasional beauty haul, resources for finding your happy place, and other things that have helped me reset in mid-life.

YouTube is a crazy competitive and brutal environment for a startup series right now. Things have changed tremendously since I originally created this channel in 2006. I’m up for the challenge—but I need your help!

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I’ll be posting new videos every other Friday. Your subscription would mean the world to me as this channel does not have the bandwidth of my old vlogging channel! Also, check out the RealityTC® Dog Mom Out podcast on Anchor.fm. I’ll be sharing essays about my creative journey and other thoughts to support a positive mindset in midlife. It will be syndicated to all the usual podcast places very soon and the first episode will be up on April 12th! New episodes will be uploaded every other Friday on the opposite schedule of my YouTube Channel. If you want to help me with production costs, please visit my support page to make a donation in any amount!


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