Unless you only take your media mass, à la Anderson Cooper, then you’ve probably noticed the zombie-esque resurrection of the podcast scene. Podcasts seem to be enjoying a healthy comeback—much like the blogosphere and the animated gif. But unlike the nerd-only podcasts of yesteryear—oh internet your age is showing already—the new podcast scene is as varied as the internet itself. Whether you’re a creator or a listener, here’s why you might want to give podcasts a second chance—or even start one yourself!


It’s now easier than ever to both listen to and create podcasts. Free phone apps like iTunes, Stitcher and SoundCloud all put your favorite shows right at your fingertips.


Anyone with a microphone and a computer has the tools to create a podcast. But don’t let the simplicity fool you—it’s definitely a learned skill as I am discovering. There are lots of videos on YouTube to show you the basics.


Some podcasters also record their podcast on video, but most do not. I mean, who doesn’t want to work in yoga pants and flip-flops! Sure, it’s not all that glamorous, but substance is key. I personally love that podcasting automatically takes away beauty bias—something we could all use a bit less of in my opinion.


There seems to be a trend in podcasting among video creators and it’s no wonder—podcasts are considerably less costly and easier to develop. Zero editing means getting content to your audience faster. It can also mean crappier content to be honest— but podcasts have a spontaneity about them that keeps me coming back.


Although most major radio programs now offer a podcast version of their show, independent podcasters provide interesting content that you are never going to hear on commercial radio. Many podcasts have explicit language, which is generally noted in the description as explicit so you can decide if that is for you or not. Just like video or music content, there is truly something for everyone!


When you start searching for podcasts, don’t be surprised that all the big media organizations are at the top of the search. Finding cool podcasts can be a bit of a challenge and just like finding the best restaurant in a new town, often word of mouth is the best resource. That said, here are a few of my podcast search tips!

On iTunes: Start with the charts.
Unfortunately, iTunes only provides you with the top ten podcasts in any category. Additionally, older podcasts rank higher in the iTunes search system. What it means: Just because it’s on top, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best. Often you’ll find good podcasts on iTunes by looking at the “related” section in the store.

On Stitcher: Check out their top 100 list.

On SoundCloud: Check out the podcast groups.
There are lots of them! You can also search by keyword.

And if you’re feeling like there are just not that many cool women-hosted podcasts out there, you’re right! We need to fix that! In the meantime, here is a good list to get you started.

Know of any podcast gems? Share them in the comments!


Music Inspiration: Rob Zombie | Living Dead Girl | Hillbilly Deluxe

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