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S1 E1: Reclaiming Your Time—3 Things to Let Go Of and 3 Things to Keep

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Show Notes—Reclaiming Your Time—3 Things to Let Go Of and 3 Things to Keep

The first episode of my new podcast is live! I’m working on getting the sound just right—which may take me a few episodes to tweak—but I’m hoping to create a calm listening environment. I’ll be sharing my thoughts and essays about my journey through mid-life, offering up ideas to ponder, affirmations to carry in your heart and resources for creating space and peace in your life.

In this introductory episode, I explore personal rituals and ways to reclaim our time, including three things to get rid of and three things to keep.

Topics include perfectionism, getting a handle on social media, people who deplete our energy, important rituals, better scheduling and embracing those who support our journey.

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Special thanks to Sun Channel for our music soundtrack, Peaceful Indie Blues, provided by Audio Jungle and licensed for Music Mass Reproduction.

The following reference materials contributed ideas to this podcast:

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