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Hi, I’m Tara Cole—aka RealityTC®—a writer from Minneapolis. The last few years have torn me creatively. Web culture was making me feel anxious and overwhelmed—I found myself fantasizing about going off the social media grid and writing fan fiction in a blanket fort. I wondered if there was a place for a GenX me in a YouTube ecosphere that is so youth-centric. But I also knew those thoughts were bullshit—driven by depression and hormones.

It was time for a massive reset.

There’s a reason that organizing shows and meditation apps are so popular right now. On some level, we all have a need to create order out of chaos. To find that sweet spot where we are busy, fulfilled and confident about the future.

New Podcasts & Videos!

That’s why I’ll be making videos, podcasts, and blogs about reinvention—the strangeness that is mid-life—and getting back to the things we love.

You’ll find me on YouTube and anchor.fm for my new podcast, Dog Mom Out, which will be syndicated to all the podcast places soon. If you’re still subscribed to the old vlog channel, I hope you join me on the main channel! Or get the latest stuff all in one place on the blog.

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