Hello and welcome!

Hi, I’m Tara Cole—aka RealityTC®a writer from Minneapolisyou’ve caught me in-between life seasons! I’ve been spending some quiet time working on new stuff, evaluating just how many network streaming services one person needs, and trying to keep myself and my family healthy. 

If you’ve made little headway these last few years but somehow managed to keep your sanity and sense of humor, I feel you. And good for you! It’s time to re-evaluate what work-life balance means, not sweat the small stuff, and think about what we want our lives and careers to look like in the future. 

My mission is to find and share ways to find health and peace in a chaotic world—and have a little fun. I never considered myself an avid gardener, but here I am for the second year in a row planting 100 tulip bulbs—a down payment on Spring. I’m currently re-evaluating all my RealityTC channels. But you can look at some of my past on the blog.

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