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Hi, I’m Tara Cole—aka RealityTC, and I’m a writer from Minneapolis by way of the ad business.  I’ve been blogging as RealityTC since 2003, and this is the latest chapter in my story.

The last few years have torn me creatively. Web culture was making me feel anxious and overwhelmed—I found myself fantasizing about going off the social media grid and writing fan fiction in a blanket fort. I wondered if there was a place for a GenX me in a YouTube ecosphere that is so youth-centric. But I also knew those thoughts were bullshit—driven by depression and hormones.

It was time for a massive reset.

There’s a reason that organizing shows and meditation apps are so popular. On some level, we all have a need to create order out of chaos. To find that sweet spot where we are busy, fulfilled and confident about the future.

That’s why I’ll be making videos, podcasts, and blogs about reinvention—the strangeness that is mid-life—and getting back to the things we love.

You’ll find me on YouTube and my new Dog Mom Out podcast—which will be syndicated everywhere podcasts are available. I hope you will join me!

If you want to know more about me, read on.

Official Bio

Tara Cole is a writer, musician, and solopreneur based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Before starting her own consulting business in 1996, Tara worked for several ad agencies, including Fallon McElligott, and received two Echo Awards. During her stint there, Fallon won Adweek’s Agency of the Year 1995/1996. Tara was part of the integrated marketing movement to unify all aspects of a brand’s image—now an industry standard. As a consultant, Tara’s clients included Campbell-Mithun-Esty, Colle & McVoy, and many smaller companies.

Before pursuing the ad business full time, Tara earned a degree in journalism/communications from the University of Minnesota with an emphasis on the visual arts. As a child, she studied classical and jazz piano as well as classical flute. This foundation laid the groundwork for writing and performing professionally—Tara played keyboards, guitar, bass and sang vocals in several bands in the pop and alternative genres. Early in her career she also modeled and worked as a photo stylist—landing the cover model and featured stylist in a Writer’s Digest publication about modeling.

Seeing a niche as a communication liaison between marketers and developers, Tara returned to school to study software programming and UX design in 2000. As a result, she expanded her reach to accounts like Clear Channel, where she helped manage and create content in their growing internet space.

The original RealityTC blog, created in 2003, jump-started Tara’s love of writing and sparked a new passion for social media. Exploring different platforms, including video and podcasting, came naturally for Tara and she created two Partnered YouTube channels about her life experiences. The latest incarnation of her blog covers topics around mental health, women’s health, navigating aging, pursuing dreams, and exploring other areas that contribute to our wellbeing, in a sometimes lighthearted, sometimes serious style.

In addition to working the RealityTC platforms, Tara has a side business creating accessories for dogs. She is also working on several fiction book projects.

When she’s not working, Tara enjoys time outdoors, playing in the studio and attending local shows. She and her husband live in the Twin Cities with their dog, Little Edie.

RealityTC® is a registered trademark of Tara Cole.

Short Bio

Tara Cole—aka RealityTC—is a writer, musician, and solopreneur based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She spent her early career in the ad business and launched a consulting firm in the 90s. Her website, RealityTC.com, explores mid-life, mental health, and pursuing dreams. When she’s not working, she reads everything from neuroscience to YA fiction, paints, writes and plays music.


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