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Tara Cole aka RealityTCI created the first RealityTC blog in 2003 as part of a community of women sharing struggles with body image, career and relationships. Blogging helped me find my authentic voice and rekindle the creative spark that the corporate world had sapped from me. What began as a screen name reflecting my desire to ‘get real’ developed into a mission to help others find their authentic voice and connect with others on a creative path. This site represents the things I love most and the wisdom I’ve gained from making all the right mistakes! If you’re new here and want to learn more about the site’s content, also check out the explore page.


NAME: Tara Cole, TC. ABOUT THE NAME REALITYTC: The name came out of my desire to live authentically and share my experiences with others. RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Married with dogs. STUDIED: Journalism, Communications, Visual Art, Business, Computer Programming. AS A KID I WANTED TO: Become a go-go dancer. Because—go-go boots! WEIRDEST JOB: Performance art model-actress. I once posed as a Gaddafi-style bodyguard in full fashion makeup at a corporate party. Parties used to be a LOT better! MUSICAL ROOTS: Studied classical and jazz piano and classical flute. Played keyboards, guitar and bass guitar and sang vocals in a slew of unknown bands. CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Beck & The Both. TELEVISION: Breaking Bad, Orange Is The New Black, House Of Cards, Portlandia and Downton Abbey are a few of my favorites. GUILTY PLEASURE: Watching The Bachelor with my Twitter friends. POLITICS: Not-a-crat. Champion of Civil Liberties. RELIGION: Spiritual Buddhist Agnostic. Join my cult. HUMOR: Dark. TOP 20 FILMS: In no particular order—Melancholia, Donnie Darko, Magnolia, 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Shining, The Royal Tenenbaums, Little Miss Sunshine, Running With Scissors, Harold and Maude, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Fargo, Across The Universe, Super Bad, Dumb and Dumber, This Is Spinal Tap, Blade Runner, Blow, American Beauty, Signs, and Jaws. BOOKS: I read everything from trashy vampire novels to the exploration of neuroscience. HOARDER OF: Lipstick. KNOW THAT: I make up words that aren’t in the dictionary and I don’t apologize for that. I’D LIKE TO: Create music for a film project one day. I think the marriage of story telling and music is magic. INSPIRED BY: Space.


My name is Tara Cole and most people know me as on the web as RealityTC. Before my career in the ad business took off in the 90’s I was getting my punk rock on in the Minneapolis music scene and going to college as a backup plan. As a teenager I had musical aspirations, having studied classical and jazz piano, classical flute, as well as learning to play guitar on my own. I quickly discovered that female musicians were not taken seriously—but I pursued the business anyway! Reality hit hard with the untimely death of my good friend and writing partner on the heels of a bad record label situation. While I loved music—the business of music was not for me. Instead, I worked my way through college taking gigs as a model, commercial stylist and jobbing musician to supplement my day job. I graduated from college with a degree in journalism with an emphasis on the visual arts and ultimately began working my way up in the ad business. Eventually I found myself working at an award-winning agency on some of the largest brands in the country. In spite of having earned a few desk trophies, I was horribly miserable by the creative limitations of my job and the ad business in general. In 1996 I left the ad business for what I thought would be forever, but unexpectedly ended up taking a consulting gig that turned into a lucrative freelance business. After 9/11, the ad biz took a big hit, but the tech sector showed promise. I used the downtime to return to school to study software programming and design to reach clients looking to bridge the communication gap between developers and marketers. The schooling paid off and my business rebounded. Even though things were going well, I knew in my heart I was ready to move away from advertising for good and get back to my creative roots. The original RealityTC blog helped me start the long healing process of reclaiming my creative self and led me to the place I am today. I’m now having fun working on a novel and developing the RealityTC brand. I’m also in the process of creating an accessory line for pets. My musical aspirations these days are limited to my home studio, but I’m not ruling out a side project! When I’m not writing or working on projects, I’m hanging out with my amazing and also musical husband of 20 years, enjoying the local music scene and loving up my two fur babies—who pretty much rule this place. _signoffFINALmini


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